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the story of an old Kawasaki Rose

WARNING: this is a bit of a sad story.

A very good friend of my Mom has recently passed away.  She had cancer and wasn’t doing well, she couldn’t move very much and my mom showed her an old kawasaki rose I made when I was about eight.  To my Mom’s surprise she picked up the rose and just stared at it.  shortly after she passed away. I had only met her once, and she was one the nicest people I have ever met.


Free Diagrams for All!

Hello everyone, the other posts you have seen before are not my words, they were from my friend who made the website. Well anyway,my name is Sam Denison, not the wizard of origami just a guy in the folding community willing to post my original designs FOR FREE. The first one is kind of a knock off from Nguyen Hung Coung’s eagle. Although the main thing I took from it was the way the wings are made. Most of my other designs are not like that. Hoping to be done with a diagram for my squid, I just started on it.
Well anyway this website will include pictures of some of my origami, book reviews, free diagrams (not from other people unless they ask me to post it), etc. Also, I am open for suggestions, that means I just might listen to your ideas (ONLY THE GOOD ONES). One last thing, to the people who took my class at the convention in New York, sorry it took so long to get the diagram finished…

Hello world!

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